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Digital Lunch ICRC: A look back and what's next

Aktualisiert: 23. Sept. 2019

Last Monday, the 6th Digital Lunch took place in Bern. We were happy to see such vivid interest in this event, especially considering that it was the first Digital Lunch held entirely in English.

Ernesto Izquierdo talked about the development of a community and a corresponding community mindset within the ICRC and what tools they are implementing and using to allow further collaboration. To further illustrate the new tools, Mr. Izquierdo demonstrated the usage of the know-how network Starmind and how it’s being used at the ICRC.

Save the date

The next two Digital Lunches will take place on October 8th and November 6th from 12:15 to 13:15 in the meeting rooms Henry and Dunant in Bern. The events will be held the same format, with a talk at the beginning and the possibility for questions and a discussion afterwards.

Further information about those two upcoming Digital Lunches will be announced at a given time, so stay tuned.

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